Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Last Look at the Imperial Dam LTVA

Today is the last full day of LTVA boondocking.  I am out or running out of enough stuff that I'll forgo getting my 14 day "medal" that using all 14 days of my BLM sticker would confer. 

Desert moon.
I'm including some miscellaneous photos I haven't been able to slip into my previous posts from Coyote Ridge.

Sunrise coming over the mountains.
I did a 3 mile walk this morning in the near ideal 70 degree with light breeze weather and took these:

Thats a big cave opening but it looked inaccessible to non-mountain goats.

No idea why someone built these on top of a hill.....pyramids?
From the same hill the Tank is the little dot in the center.
It's been a great 40 + days boondocking in the BLM LTVA's and I've, as always, learned a ton about how to do it.  Tomorrow I'll head the 30 miles south to Yuma and stock up for a short stay at the Escapee's KOFA Ko-op and plan my next destination.

Thanks for reading!

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