Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Goodbye to Yuma

As I drove south towards Yuma and the Escapee's KOFA Ko-op I anticipated the luxury of having five days of electrical, sewer and water hookups at one of their "always available" rental slots.  Unfortunately, it seems that every other Escapee who was boondocking around Quartzite or the Imperial Dam had the exact same plan and so when I got to the Ko-op office the Inn was full!  They don't accept reservations so other than show up a couple days earlier there was really nothing I could do.  I snagged one of their "dry camping" spots which amounted to a parking spot in a gravel covered lot at one end of their compound -- no hookups but at a reasonable $7 / night.  After 45 days of boondocking I was signed up to do 5 more, although with pluses like a full laundry and a pool and, most importantly, great FOX TV reception for the Super Bowl viewing.  Unfortunately there was one major negative to the dry camping area:

And Honda generators like this are advertised as the "quiet ones".  The majority of the ten dry camping rigs in the dry area had solar so we were silent but there were two or three generator operators who seemed to "tag team" their efforts throughout the daytime.  Also the Super Bowl was a dud.

I have one of those traumatic birthdays that end with a zero coming up and my daughter in Ft. Worth wants a birthday presence (pun intended) so I am going to make my way east along I-10 for a while, keeping well clear of the Arctic Jet stream which seems to only made it through the top half of Arizona up to now.  I hope the video didn't kill your data plan this month, it's the first one I've tried.

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