Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Quartzsite RV Show (Part 2)

Well I waited until the fourth day of the show and sure enough the crowds had thinned out enough to make walking through the exhibit tent a little less claustrophobic.  I actually paused at some of the displays and weighed making purchases instead of struggling to maintain a slot in a human cattle drive.

Vast improvement in walk-ability over day 1!
Unfortunately the rumors of parts vendors at the show were exaggerated and I completely struck out on finding the parts for the Tank's camper.  Oh well....I got to attend the "World's Biggest RV Show" (twice) at least.  While the desert BLM land around Quartzsite is almost indistinguishable from the BLM land further south around the Imperial Dam, the number of rigs is very much more pronounced around Quartzsite.

This was relatively spacious...1/2 mile closer to the show it was Suburbia!
Also, even though my site is probably 2 miles south of I-10 the expressway is a constant dull drone in the background, night and day.  I guess sound travels further in the desert without buildings and trees to break it up.  So if it's beginning to sound like tomorrow might be moving day you've broken the code.  My plan is to drive back down AZ 95 to the BLM land around the Imperial Dam for the remaining eight days on my 14 day BLM sticker, first stopping at the dump station to dump my tanks.  I'm glad I came to Quartzsite after reading so much online about the sheer spectacle of thousands of  RV's of every size and description and I agree with the folks who told me "If you've never been you have to see it once."  Now I've seen it but not sure how quickly I'll need to see it again.  I will miss the guy in our camp area who ran a really professional karaoke production out of the back of his 5th wheel toy-hauler though.

The karaoke guy had a complete music studio in his trailer. 
I'll do another post when I get a campsite near the Imperial Dam BLM area.

Thanks for reading!

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