Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quartzsite RV Show (Part 1)

From the Escapee's KOFA Ko-op I drove up Arizona Hwy 95 eighty miles to the BLM LTVA area just south of Quartzsite, AZ a small town at the crossroads of I-10 and Hwy 95. That pin in the map is my second campsite, the first night I camped in "generator city". I moved the next morning and this time before setting up a site I turned off the Tank and stood outside the cab and listened....Ah! No generators!

The sweet "sound" of solar powered RV's.....silence!

I mentioned before that the Tank has need of a few parts and the RV Show at Quartzsite was rumored to have a number of after-market parts dealers so I walked on about a mile from my campsite to the show which is on Hwy 95 about a half mile south of I-10.  The show is basically a lot of fantastically expensive RV's set up for walk through and lots of more reasonably priced trailers and fifth wheels you can also tour.

Wonder if I could argue him down to $269,000 even?

The tent with the vendor booths seemed to be the big attraction this morning.

Step right up to the Big Top!
Once inside the tent you were in a human traffic jam.  You moved at the pace of the slowest shopper a quarter mile in front of you and if she wanted to stop and look a jewelry for 5 minutes then you weren't going anywhere either -- not quite that bad but close!.

Inside the tent -- blurry because of the constant jostling!
I did see a couple of booths I might have wanted to stop by if not for being swept along in the river of humanity which made me realize I had made a tactical error.  The Quartzsite show lasts from the 18th to the 26th of January and while they get 150,000 visitors probably the majority are on this weekend (duh!).  I'm camped here for two weeks, I can revisit the show during the weekdays next week and probably have the place (comparatively) to my self.  That's why this post is titled Part 1, I'll post Part 2 when the conditions inside the tent are more navigable and I can hopefully find what I need.

Thanks for reading!

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