Sunday, January 5, 2014

Boondocking at Coyote Ridge

I'm about three miles southwest of my previous boondocking location, now in California on BLM land in an area posted as Coyote Ridge.

No doubt named after the noisy nocturnal packs.
I've heard coyote packs barking and caterwauling at all times of the night around here though they keep out of sight during the day.  In my last post I bragged about not having neighbors close to me and I must have angered the camping gods because the next day a couple from Washington asked if I minded sharing my perfect boondock spot.  After counting about ten solar panels on the roof of their Class A I deduced that they weren't going to be running a generator 12 hours a day and said "Sure!  You're more than welcome."  Although that might have been a slight exaggeration but they and their two cats keep completely to themselves.

It's unusual to camp so close together out here....but oh well!
I try to get out and hike for at least an hour each day.  Terrain like this makes it very easy to turn an ankle:

Shot by me or the Mars rover?
On one of my hikes I found a nine hole golf course some enterprising folks had set up complete with flag sticks and smoothed out "greens".

A "green".  You can see wild donkey tracks on it if you squint.

I hear wild donkeys every night as they walk past my site on the way to drink at the All American canal.  Someone told me that they are the descendents of prospector's donkeys from the 1870's that ran away or broke free.  The BLM office hands out a flyer that warns that they bite and kick viciously so don't approach them.  They seem to be completely nocturnal like the coyotes so there doesn't seem much chance or running into them.  I'll snap a photo and post it if I do see one.  I feel for my family and readers in the frozen Midwest and won't mention how nice the weather here is...if a bit windy.

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