Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I'm slowly working my way to Michigan to surprise my Dad on Father's Day (it's OK, he doesn't follow the blog) and stopped in Hope, AR at Fair Park, a city park that doubles as a RV park (water and electric hookups) for a nightly fee of $15, which is pretty cheap.  About 50 feet from my back door is an American Legion baseball field where they played a double header last evening.

Hope nobody goes Miguel Cabrera on my back window!

I'm not really not trying to set any land speed record in to getting to Michigan so if it takes a few extra days so be it.  The goal is to get far enough north to not need to run the Tank's AC thus not needing to pay for hookups.  Arkansas is getting 90 degree weather so onwards and upwards (north).

They actually let you park on perfectly mowed grass.

Thanks for reading!

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