Monday, July 1, 2013

Museums & Camping

My brother Jerry and his wife Nancy hosted me at their beautiful home in Lake in the Hills, IL for several days while I plotted my next trip.  Their home on the northwest of Chicago made a good jump-off for heading west so I did. 

My brother's place outside Chicago.

I eventually wound up traveling west on US 80 through Nebraska bound for Golden, CO (tour of the Coors brewery maybe?).  Just short of Ft. Kearney I noticed a sign for Pioneer Village Campground where I remembered reading of a small museum adjacent to the campground.  Both are located in the small town of Minden, NE.  When I paid for my campsite the check-in guy mentioned that I got a complimentary ticket to the museum (a $6 dollar value!) which was about a quarter mile from where I parked the Tank.

Tank at rest after a long drive from Chicago.
The museum is called the "Pioneer Village Museum" so I expected predominately exhibits from the 1800's of which there were some.

Pioneer guns, only a small portion of what they displayed of John Ford's classic westerns.

I would say that a major portion of the displays concerned cars and planes from the early 1900's though, which was OK by me.

Ford Model T

They had one of the older Harley's I've ever seen.

Older model Harley.
Where else can you see a carboat?

 And, finally, what trip through a museum on a mid-70 degree sunny day would be complete without a Christmas bulb collection display?

On to Colorado tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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