Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dude, where's the water?

Monday I drove from Golden, CO to Guernsey State Park outside of Guernsey, WY for a four day stay prior to camping my way back to Michigan.  Guernsey State Park is centered around the Guernsey Reservoir which was created by damming the North Platte River guessed it, the Guernsey Dam!  The pictures of the campsites on the State of Wyoming's website look great with many sites virtually on the water so I was pumped to get the kayak there.  Except I guess a funny thing happened on the way to my campsite.

Someone shrunk the reservoir!
There has been a long drought in southeastern Wyoming but the State forgot to update the park's website!   Oooops.  So instead of kayaking I took Wally the Mountain Bike (named after the store he came from) and biked up some pretty steep trails to get some photos of the park.

Pair of hawks looking for breakfast
I'll be honest here and admit that there were stretches of the trail I pushed the bike rather than try to ride it, even while in Wally's lowest gear.

Steep downhill, loose gravel...what could go wrong?

The park consists of 6200 land and 2400 water acres (when the reservoir is at 100%) and the elevation is 4420 ft at the reservoir edge.

Wally and I got pretty high up
  Apparently one of the sharp pieces of gravel on the trails put a puncture in Wally's back tire so these were the last "away from campsite" pictures I'll get from Guernsey State Park.

Kinda doubt the radar part

I'll have to stop at the first Wally World I see on my way to South Dakota to buy a tire patch kit (which I should have thought to pack in the first place).

"No Wake"? No Worries!
Friday I head for a park in central South Dakota.  It's online pictures look great too...let's hope the river there has water!

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