Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Good Idea.....In Theroy

From Wyoming I traveled to central South Dakota to the Oahe Downstream Recreation Area which is a long name for a really nice state campground.  The Oahe Dam across the Missouri River created Lake Oahe, the 4th largest artificial reservoir in the US.  The dam supplies a good portion of the Upper Midwest's electricity.

Campground boat launch and marina
The park is along the reservoir near the town of Fort Pierre, SD.  The weather has been ideal with breezes in the afternoon that keep things cool enough that I've had no need to run the AC.  Somehow, even though I'm camped in a semi-forest with water near there are no mosquitos!  I don't know how the South Dakotan s managed that....go figure.

Tree lined estuary that leads out to Lake Oahe
The campground is set up in a circular fashion with the campsites all open to a large central grassy area that is really nice.

Birdhouse in my "backyard"
So what's with the "good idea" in the title of this post?  Well you may recall that my bike has a flat rear tire.  On the way to South Dakota I never passed through a town large enough to have a store that sold bike inner tube repair kits.  I came up with the idea of using duct tape and super gluing it over the leak!  So I pulled out my tool case and stripped the tire off the bike and located the leak.

The patch job! 
With relatively low pressure in the tube the patch appeared to work.  So I reassembled the rear wheel and put it back on my bike.  I then pumped the tire to normal pressure and again it appeared to be fine.  I went back into the camper to get geared up for my bike ride, got distracted for about 20 minutes then came back out to get on the bike.

Pancake anyone?
Did I mention there are a lot of nice FOOT paths here?

Walking is supposed to be great exercise.

I'm going to keep a sharp eye out for bike repair stores on my way to Minnesota tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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