Saturday, May 26, 2018

Summer Migration

I said goodbye to Colorado and began my annual move back to the upper Midwest, specifically Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Passing through Kansas I stopped off at the Lyons city park where the city thoughtfully provides free electricity and allows you to stay up to five days if you want.  I previously reviewed the park here:  Lyons Trailer Park Review .  If you visit Lyons you HAVE TO go to Scrambled Sams for breakfast (I did two days in a row!), the omelettes are so great!

And I'm not even a breakfast eater!

It's going to hit 96 today in Lyons which should make me grateful for the free electric hookups for running the Mini's AC.  There's another guy here with a tiny trailer without AC that I feel for, it's got to be like an oven in there.  Next up I'm heading north into Nebraska and hopefully at least slightly cooler temperatures.

Thanks for reading!

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