Thursday, May 17, 2018

Back to Antero

Readers of the blog know that I rated the camping experience at Antero Reservoir near Hartsel, CO as one of the best I've had in the years I've been wandering around.  I reviewed Antero Reservoir camping in 2013 here:  Antero Reservoir Review .  I tried to return to Antero in 2016 for another camping session only to find it closed (and drained) for maintenance and repairs on the dam that creates the reservoir.  Happily, the reservoir is "back in business" so that's where I'm spending the next ten days or so.

One of Denver's principle sources of drinking water.

Middle of the month of May is a great time to camp at the 8900 foot elevation, sunny days in the low seventies and nights in the low 40's....sleeping weather!

Great weather!  The views are OK too.

Even though the reservoir was drained and the trout removed, it was restocked after it was reopened and there are throngs of fishermen on and around the reservoir.

Fishermen trying their luck on the reservoir.

Even though it's the second half of May there are still areas with snow on the ground that hasn't melted yet.

A large patch of snow in a field near Antero.

I'm really looking forward to the next week or so of camping at Antero!

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