Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Year Five of Road Life Completed

Today marks my fifth anniversary of full timing in an RV.  When I closed on the sale of my house in Texas on June 6, 2013 I told myself I would give RV living a full six months to see if I was going to embrace it or not.

2400 square feet down to 160, what could go wrong?

Although I was a complete RV newb I was able to avoid a lot of camping and RV pitfalls by reading as many of the many RV blogs on the Internet as I could and learning from other people's experiences.  I'm really grateful for that education, I probably couldn't have made it five years without it and I'd encourage anyone thinking of heading out to read RV blogs you'll never regret it.

What's next?  I don't have any plans to stop full timing, I just love traveling around our country and camping in new (and some repeat) locations.  I'll try to keep reviewing cool campsites when I find them, maybe that can be part of my paying the RV experience thing forward.

Thanks for reading!

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