Sunday, November 15, 2015

Getting Lucky

The part for the repair of one of the Tank's lift legs delivered and I opened the box form Rieco-Titan to find these parts:

Everything you need, nothing you don't!
My past experiences involving repairing the Tank led me to expect difficulty to rear it's ugly head.  Maybe the bolt was the wrong size, maybe the threads in the bottom of the lift leg were stripped.  So I got the ratchet wrench from the Tank's tool case wondering what might go wrong this time.

The Tank's extensive tool set pays off again!
This time, however, everything went smoothly.  I held the foot pad to the lift leg with one hand and hand twisted the bolt to get it started and then ratcheted the bolt home with the wrench.  Since I had the ratchet out I checked the other 3 pads and found one other that was slightly loose so I tightened it too.

The Tank's shiny new foot pad.
I guess this time the RV Repair Goddess smiled on me!

Thanks for reading!

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