Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cosmetic Change

The Tank is getting on in age and some of it's plastic components that get exposed to the Sun's ultraviolet rays have yellowed to the point of attractiveness.

Believe it or not the yellow parts were originally white.
I bought some flat white spray paint that adheres to plastic ( most don't so you have to be careful when you buy) and waited for a nice, low wind day to paint the offending yellow plastic trim.

Beginning painting the lower screen door panel.
The outside door has two pull down shades that I had to remove but that was just a matter of removing four screens on each shade.

The pull down shade had to be removed but no biggie.
The slowest part of the project was having to tape around the inside of the windows and outside of the trim to prevent overspray.

The screen door after the paint...no more yellow!
It looks five years younger!
I've recieved the replacement hatch from Amazon and I'll do a post on the (hopefully) smooth installation process.

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