Saturday, March 9, 2013


So I've been using the last week to make some improvements to the soon-to-be-home camper.  It's six years old and this decal on the front was faded and fried by the sun so....

                                                             No es muy bueno!

I spent about 5 hours removing it, first with a 3-M erasure disk that goes on an electric drill, then with solvents and a scraping knife (ouch!).  Then I painted over the "ghost" image with paint that I imagine the sun will quickly fade so that it matches the rest of the faded plastic.

                                                           A little better.

The camper came with a queen mattress which, while very comfortable, was also VERY large.

                                                            Comfy queen.

I figure by replacing it with a memory foam twin (firm) I can utilize the saved space for additional storage by putting in three or four of those large plastic bins you see in stores.  (Don't have the bins yet.)

                                                    Memory mattress!

My old solar charge controller was a very basic model that came "free" with my solar panel.  It was so basic I couldn't even tell how much of a charge my battery had.  So I went up the food chain a little and bought a MPPT-type controller (Google MPPT controller if you have an hour to kill)


It came with a display that I mounted near the rest of my controls that provides tons more info on how the battery is charging, charge level, lots of stuff!

                                                       Quiet!  We have the game on!

Wow this is getting really long!  I'll post some of the other improvements in the next entry.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Lookin' good. But, dude, you need a decorator! Plastic bins??? I see some really cute raffia baskets instead.....

  2. Thanks for the idea! I was going to go with plastic because one of the bins would be for dirty (smelly?)clothes so air flow was a consideration.


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