Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Chasing the Goldilocks Zone

This time of year is always sort of a challenge to stay in an area of the Southwest that isn't too hot and isn't too cold or rainy.  Casa Grande, AZ where I had stayed for ten days had a stretch of mid-90's days that forced me to run the AC in the Tank during the day, it still was cool at night but the AC in the Tank is loud enough that you would prefer not to run it if you could.   So I decided to head up to Northern Arizona back to McHood Park outside Winslow, AZ.  I reviewed it here:  McHood Park Review .  The weather at Winslow currently is days in the mid-60s with a lot of breeze and nights down into the mid-30's, quite a change from Casa Grande but I'm also at 5000 ft elevation at the park.

The Tank's site from across the Clear Creek Reservoir.
I'm thinking I'm going to stay at McHood Park through the end of the month and then meander east a little.  I don't need to be anywhere until my daughter's college graduation in early May in the Dallas area so I'm not in any hurry to make long drives or anything.

Clear Creek's runoff from the reservoir.
Arizona has a great climate this time of year and I think I've spent a good chunk of all my three winters in the Tank here.  It's a state with almost any kind of topography you want, desert in the southern parts with iconic cactus while up north you get mountains and Ponderosa pine forests.  If I ever get tired of life on the road I could easily see myself living in Arizona.

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