Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Campground Update: Newton Reservoir Newton, UT

When I originally visited Newton Reservoir in northwest Utah in 2014 the reservoir was a vibrant area of local water activity like water skiing and fishing.  I reviewed the campground here:  Newton Reservoir Review .  Being back in the area in September of this year I decided to go camp there again because it had impressed me and I was tired of camping in areas with little or no cell signal and the reservoir had a cell tower on a mountain right next to it,  If you revisit my original review and note the water level of the reservoir in the pictures you'll appreciate the picture of it's current level below:

About one third the depth it had in 2014.
Two years haven't been easy on the reservoir as all of Utah has been in a prolonged drought.  The camping experience is understandably diminished with the massive draw down and there were no boats on the reservoir probably because the boat ramp to it ended about 40 yards short of the water.

Really sad, until the drought breaks and the reservoir refills I can't recommend camping at Newton Reservoir.

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