Monday, June 8, 2015

My Truck Driver Friends

After leaving Texas I had intended to travel to Fayetteville, AR but ran into a flooding Red River that seemingly shut down every state highway out of Texas into Arkansas.  I kept getting "pushed" further and further west in my attempt to find a dry route into Arkansas until I was actually in Oklahoma.  A final "Road closed in 27 miles.  Seek an alternate route" sign and I overnighted in Oklahoma's Murray Lake State Park.  I didn't review it because it was half under water with only a few sites open, maybe next time through it'll be in better condition.  Heading northeast the next day I entered Missouri and after a long drive decided to spend the evening in what was a virtually empty Missouri Visitor Welcome Center along I-44.  I parked in the deserted truck parking area and settled in for what I assumed would be a quiet evening.

Down right cozy!
About 2am I was woken by idling diesel truck engines that sounded like they were parked 3 feet from my pillow because.....they were.  After falling asleep the truck parking had maxed out and my new "buddies" really had no choice but park next to the Tank.

Next time I think I'll park in the car parking area, at least cars don't idle their engines all night.

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