Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting Out While the Getting Is Good

I outlasted the wettest May in Houston's history (or at least as long as they've kept records) and completed my temp work assignment at the Home Depot on the 31st.  I was a little sad to leave my co-worker friends I had made but let them know that Home Depot management refused to accept my resignation and insisted that if I return to west Houston I would be rehired "on the spot" which was pretty cool.  Speaking of anything but cool....

Note the Tank's internal temperature in the lower right corner!
I took the above picture of the Tank's chronometer two days before my last shift.  I really couldn't have stayed much longer in Houston, at least if I intended to keep urban camping without hookups to run the Tank's AC.  The record setting rain kept the skies cloudy a lot of the time too.  Normally May in Houston is four or five degrees warmer than it was this year.

So I should be posting more frequently now that I'll have more variety in subject matter as I first travel to the western Chicago suburbs to see my brother and his family, then continue north through Wisconsin and across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before heading down to see the members of my family, including my Dad, in Midland, Michigan.  Really looking forward to sub-92 degree weather!

Thanks for reading!

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