Thursday, October 23, 2014

And the New Broadband Wireless Internet Provider Is....

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There really wasn't too much of a choice for RV'ers...AT&T or Verizon have BY FAR the best coverage in the Lower 48.  Better the Devil I I went with Big Red.  Actually between now and the end of the month all four majors are offering double data plans for wireless broadband plans.  Under my old Millenicom plan for 20 GB/month and my Verizon smartphone plan on Verizon with 3 GB/month I was paying:

Millenicom:  $89.99/month  (20 GB data)
Verizon:       $110.00/month (smart phone with 3 GB data)
TOTAL:       $199.99/month

My NEW monthly charge:

 Verizon:  $210/month (40 GB Data, 2 lines: smartphone and 4G Jet Pack)

Yup you read right!  Big Red is DOUBLING my monthly data for $10 more a month.  Normally this plan would only have 20 GB associated with it so if you're thinking you need wireless broadband make the jump before the end of this month while those double data plans are still around!  Yay more monthly data!  By the way the 4G Jet Pack (a broadband wireless router that can have up to 8 devices connect to it) I referred to was free if I signed a 2 year contract.  There was no contract if you wanted to buy the Jet Pack up front...I think it was around $145.

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