Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

I had just spent a really fun weekend in Austin, staying at my sister's place.  On Saturday we did a 10 KM walk a group was sponsoring that went around the newly built Boardwalk Trail which skirts the southern edge of Lady Bird Lake.

Part of the $23 million Boardwalk over Lady Bird Lake, Austin.
My sister Victoria (left) and Camping Buddy Becky pausing during the 10k.

We did some geocaching the next morning and found all three caches we looked for around Austin.  Later in the day I watched the Texans win a football game (not a common occurrence) so all in all it was a pretty cool weekend......until:

Blowout city!
I guess I really shouldn't complain because in the entire 16 months I've been full-timing in the Tank this is the first mechanical problem I've encountered (and think of some of those BLM roads the Tank had to negotiate.).  My daughter had given me a AAA Membership for Father's Day last year and I was at least smart enough to renew it when it came time so 45 minutes after I called it in a AAA wrecker came with a real car jack  ( the ones GM provides are a joke and potentially dangerous to lift a truck with in my opinion) and the Tank was back up and running shortly after.  Note to self:  buy a decent truck jack next time I pass an O'Reillys or Autozone.

If you're in Austin check out the Boardwalk Trail, it's pretty cool and a great walk (we did over 17,000 pedometer-measured steps during the walk).

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