Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shots from Snake River

I finally got to a location where I'm getting good internet reception (Yay!) so here's some pictures from my time on the Snake River.

The Tank's site on US Forestry can stay up to 14 days.
The stretch of US Forestry land I stayed on is really just a field along Oregon HWY 201, not terribly scenic except for the hills and, of course, the Snake.

Morning sun on the hills of the Snake River valley.
The valley that the Snake cuts through the surrounding hills was a natural wind "funnel" and it was breezy to windy the whole time I was there.

Whitecaps on the Snake...most of the time too rough to kayak if I had one.
The Snake River is pretty impressive.  It was about a quarter mile across at the point I camped at.

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