Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On the Snake River

Sorry for the delay in posting anything.  I've spent the last six days in Oregon (Ora-gun not Ora-gan I've been corrected) on US Forrest Service land along the Snake River right before it makes it's turn into Idaho.  It's about 40 miles up I-84 from Boise.  My cell and internet connection is so iffy I'm unable to upload any pictures I've taken (I tried, the upload timed out) and I'm not even certain if this text-only post will make it but if it does then I promise to upload pictures of the site whenever my internet "pipe" gets bigger than a skinny straw.

Plans are to head into Washington state and meet up with Camping Buddy Becky for camping at one of her favorite state parks (Washington is her home state.)  That's late in June so hopefully between now and then I can get to a spot with good Verizon coverage and do a "normal" post.  Just wanted to let you know I'm still kicking out here!

Thanks for reading!

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