Friday, December 27, 2013


I lasted 12 days in the BLM desert camping area north of Yuma before running out of fruit and vegetables.   I mostly follow the Paleo-caveman diet so running short on fruits and vegetables puts me in a tough way.  As a member of the Escapees RV club I was eligible to stay at their Yuma RV park so after filling a propane tank and restocking groceries I headed there.

The KO-OP rents out member's sites when they aren't in town.
Also, the KO-OP was having a potluck Christmas dinner so I'd be getting a really good holiday meal if I was willing to suspend following the Caveman diet for a day (I was!).  The park is located about 5 miles south of Yuma and consists of 154 spacious and landscaped sites.  Most of the sites have been purchased/long-term leased by the members of the KO-OP.  When the members are elsewhere in the country for extended periods they rent out the vacant site which is where the one I got came from.

There are 4 nicely kept cactus gardens in my site.
It's a little different staying at the KO-OP compared to "normal" RV parks.  For one thing most everyone here lives here so they all know each other but everyone I met was very friendly and welcoming, they like having renters for the empty spots too.  Everything at this park is very thoughtfully laid out and functions very smoothly.  It has a really nice heated pool/hot tub set up too.

You can see some of the fairly permanent RV's in the background.
The park charges Escapees $20 / night or $100 / week plus electricity so it ends up being cheaper than staying at a state park (although I haven't seen my electric bill yet but it can't be much.)  They don't take reservations so spots go on a first come basis but I didn't see anyone turned away while I was here.

Front of the spacious club house boasting 2 free pool tables.
I plan to buy another 14 day BLM sticker Monday the 30th and head back out to the area near the Imperial dam.  The gigantic annual Quartzite RV show starts around the middle of January and I want to hit it to see if I can find some parts the Tank needs.  My manufacturer went out of business in 2009 so I'm hoping vendors at the show might have what I need.

These folks have some SERIOUS shuffleboard lanes!
It was great staying at the KOFA KO-OP in Yuma and I'll come back for sure!  It's quite a contrast from boondocking on BLM lands.

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