Friday, December 6, 2013

Dreamcatcher RV Park Deming, NM

Weather became a concern as my Radar Now weather ap on my phone warned of coming temperatures in West Texas in the low-30's so I headed into New Mexico on I-10.  I'm a member of the Escapees RV Club so I thought I'd give a park in Deming, New Mexico that they run (and I get a discount at) a try.

                                 I usually try to stay in state or national parks for their superior scenery vs. commercial RV parks but given the goal of finding a campsite with electric hookups so I could utilize my space heater I pulled into Dreamcatcher RV Park in Deming, NM.

If you didn't like it you could go next door to La Quinta, I guess.
 Dreamcatcher Deming is really a huge gravel parking lot with a lot of hookup boxes.

They have made at least an effort to plant some trees.
Here's the review data:

Hookups:                      water, 20, 30, 50 amp, sewer    
Fire ring:                        no
Water Access:               no
Dump station:                yes
WiFi:                             yes (daily pay)
Level sites:                    yes
Laundry:                       yes
Store:                            no
Pool:                            no
Shade:                           no
Verizon reception:          4g, 2 of 5 bars
Millenicom reception:     3 of 4 bars
Cost:                             $18 / night (member discount)

I planned on only spending a single night at Dreamcatcher but they bribed me with free food!

I had to stay to get home made turkey soup the following night!
The people who operate Dreamcatcher RV Park are Escapee members themselves and they're just downright friendly.  Michigan State (my alma mater) plays Ohio State for the Big 10 football championship Saturday (tomorrow) and I'm getting outstanding reception on the Tank's little TV so now my plans are to stay here through tomorrow night so I can watch MSU win big on TV.  There's a big screen in the clubhouse but there's no guarantee I can get control of the remote at game time.

The clubhouse - big screen TV within.
So the adjusted plan is to depart for Tucson, AZ Sunday morning and hit the Anytime Fitness franchise there for a workout prior to heading for the BLM camping areas.  I know earlier I said Quartzite but there may be a warmer alternative further south that I'll let you know about next post.

Thanks for reading!

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