Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Return of Football Season

In the six summers I've been full-timing I've never spent a whole one in Michigan until this year.  It's been kind of nice, Michigan has (mostly) great weather and temperatures in the summer and I hope I've documented all the great places there are to camp in the state. 

One thing I do each summer before ending my Michigan stay is attend one of my alma mater's (Michigan State) football games.  This year it was the season opener versus Utah State.

My friends Gary (left) and Steve (seated) at one of the tailgates we attended.

The game was played under perfect weather conditions and ended up being a lot more exciting for Spartan fans than it was supposed to be!

We went to the game hungry but the multiple tailgate parties cured that.

Sometimes early in the season we get up so far ahead of our opponents many fans leave early.  Not this year, Michigan State trailed by one point with time running out in the 4th quarter!

Getting ready for the winning score, right in front of our seats!

We scored to go up 38-31 but there were still two minutes left in the game and Utah State had moved the ball on us all night.  Fortunately, a Michigan State linebacker intercepted a Utah State pass with a minute left and we held on to a hard fought victory!  One of the most exciting MSU games I've seen in years!

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