Monday, July 30, 2018

Too Big Breakfast of the Week

I've been in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for the last ten days or so enjoying not being in the Southwest's triple digit temperatures.  Here in Pickford it gets to the low 80's in the day and the low 50's at night -- great sleeping weather!  Whenever I camp in Pickford I eat one (and only one) breakfast at Big D's Diner.  Why only once?  Check out the portions.

Big D's Southern omelette.  I couldn't finish it.

I also got to attend another Spartan wedding this month.  My lovely niece Rachel got married on the Spartan campus and my daughter and I had a great time at the reception at MSU's Kellogg Center.

Two lovelies.  My daughter Nickelle (L) and cousin Rachel (R).

Got a blogging enhancement coming (foreshadowing) that I'll intro in my next post.

Thanks for reading!

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