Saturday, September 9, 2017

Back to Katy

So I've kept a storage unit in Katy ever since I sold my home.  There were some items I had that were too sentimental to give away like I did most of my possessions, pictures my Mom had given me, photos of my daughter when she was little, a couple guitars, you know the kind of stuff I'm talking about.  With the hurricane hitting Katy I had called the manager of my unit and asked if the units had flooded, fearing the worst, but she said the unit hadn't flooded but my block, D Block, had been "inundated."  On a subsequent phone call she explained the water had come in through the roof, thus the differentiation from flood damage. The storage manager advised me to check out my storage locker as soon as possible to see if insurance claims had to be filed.  I drove from Michigan down to the Escapees RV park in Livingston, TX (there wasn't RV parking much closer to Houston due to all the evacuees moving there) and this morning I drove in to Katy storage unit was completely dry, no damage at all.  At least I got to pick up an old buddy:

My old "axe"!  I've got room for it now in the Mini.

I did stay in a couple RV parks on the way to Texas I'll review soon, from here I'm thinking get to Colorado before it gets too cold.

Thanks for reading!

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