Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Oversized Breakfast of the Week

I'm in the little Upper Peninsula town of Pickford, MI staying at their giant 30 acre town park.  I'll do a full review in a few days.  Whenever I get to a new town I use Yelp to discover local diners and restaurants to try out.  When I "Yelped" Pickford a diner named Big D's Diner came up with all 5 star customer reviews so I walked over from the park and ordered the Southern Omelette Special they were featuring.  This is what I got served:

The biggest "3 egg" omelette I've ever seen!

When the waitress set it down in front of me and I exclaimed "Wow!' she laughed and said "We don't mess around here!"'  I think I did a pretty good job by getting through 2/3'ds of both the omelette (you can't tell from this over head shot but it was about 2 inches thick!) and the hash browns.  If you ever are in Pickford you HAVE to get breakfast at Big D's Diner,,,,,you WILL NOT walk out hungry!

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