Monday, May 22, 2017


As I mentioned previously I camped my way from the Midwest to Arlington, TX to attend my daughter's graduation from the University of Texas at Arlington and her after-party held at her uncle's home in Arlington.

My daughter Nickelle, all smiles before the ceremony!
I was prepared for a lengthy three or four hour grind but couldn't have been more surprised. The speaker, a manager from Goldman Sachs and also a UTA grad, began with "I'll try to keep this brief..." and he did!  Then, in a super organized diploma ceremony, the university ran about 2000 business school grads up on the stage and back to their seats for a total elapsed time of about 90 minutes!

New grad, diploma and proud Dad!
It was a great graduation ceremony and the celebration party at her uncle's place was very well attended with probably 60 to 70 friends and family there.  I ended up giving about a dozen guided tours of the Mini which was parked two houses down from where the party was.

Can't stop smiling!
 Congratulations, Nicki, you earned it!

Thanks for reading!

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