Monday, June 6, 2016

Three Years a Nomad

Three years ago today I closed the sale on my house in Katy, TX and began full-timing in the Tank.

I lived in this house longer than anywhere in my life!
At the side of this blog you can note all the states I've camped in, basically all but the eastern portion of the country.  I've been asked a few times which is more expensive, living in a house or full-timing in an RV.  The answer is that it varies by individual circumstances.  In my case I was still making mortgage payments on my 30 year mortgage (I sold the house in it's 19th year) so for me full-timing meant a very drastic reduction in my monthly living expenses, even when gas was $4.00 + a gallon.  I boondock so often now (which is free of charge) that it's rare that my monthly camping cost exceeds $150 which would include state parks and places that charge an overnight fee.  When I was living in the nice home in the picture above my mortgage payment was $1300 a month and utilities probably averaged another $250 a month.  My neighborhood association fee was $80 a month making my monthly tab something north of $1600!  And I skipped landscaping costs by mowing my own lawn (which I hated doing).  You might think that I spend a ton on gas since the Tank only gets 11 mpg but, with the exception of times like the last few weeks when I relocate from the Southwest back to Michigan, I tend to find places I like to boondock and stay there.  Often time the pickup doesn't get started for a week to ten days!

Antero Reservoir in central Colorado, I stayed until I ran out of food!
I've really enjoyed the last three years and I don't regret heading out one bit.  I became convinced that my house and all my belongings and "stuff" were really a gigantic anchor holding me in place so I got rid of them and don't regret that either.  I hope the mostly strangers I gave the "stuff" to have used and enjoyed it.  In my view I was transferring my "anchors" to them but I know they probably didn't see it that way.  I hope you've enjoyed the three years of this blog, I'll keep finding places to camp and blog about it.

Thanks for reading!


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