Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Farewell to Midland

I decided to attend my Dad's 88th birthday celebration and changed my plans from camping my way out West to heading back to my childhood home of Midland, MI where my Dad is retired.  I did it in two 180 mile hops which underscored how big the state is (but not compared to Texas).

On one of my walks I ventured past my childhood home up until 6th grade.
Midland is unofficially known as "The City of Churches" because there is seemingly one church for every 30 or 40 persons.  Here's one of the churches with a modern architecture:

Walking here is great because you're almost always in the shade!
My brother Jim graciously let me "camp" in his driveway during the wait up to my Dad's birthday, I even had electrical hookups.

My brother getting ready to unplug the Tank prior to my departure.
 So Jim, two of my sisters who also live in Midland and myself took my Dad out to a great Italian dinner for his birthday and then retired back to his house for a Key Lime themed birthday cake.   So my time in Midland came to a finale, but not my time in Michigan's perfect summer weather (it's sunny and 78 as I write this).  I plan to camp a different route back across the Upper Penninsula and slowly head west.  As it was 102 F in Texas today I'm not in a huge hurry to trade Midwest weather in for that.

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