Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mackinac Island St. Ignace, MI

I picked Becky up at Detroit Airport and we first went to my brother Jim's in Midland, MI where I had stored the detached camper in order to remount it on the pickup.  I figure it saved me a tank of gas in the improved mileage I got going down to West Bloomfield to visit my college buddies Gary and Steve and then picking her up the next morning.

Big Mac.  Gateway to the Upper Peninsula.
We stayed at a Straits State Park which is almost under the bridge and found it to be very cramped with campsites sardined right next to each other.  Nevertheless, it served as a good jumping off point to visit Mackinac Island, first time for Becky second for me.

Arch Rock.  I missed this attraction my first time through.
The round trip ferry boat ride from St. Ignace to the island costs $25 / person and takes about 20 minutes.  The ferry docks at the commercial docks in Mackinac Island and you are immediately faced with a crucial decision:  walk or rent bikes.  The island is 8.3 miles in circumference so most sane people go to one of the bike rental shops immediately off the pier and rent bikes.  Guess what we did?

Bikes?  We don't need no steenkin' bikes!
Becky had just bought a Fitbit activity wristband and wanted to make sure she "got her steps"....boy did she!
The village's "Main Drag".
Actual UPS "truck" kidding!

Coastline from the observation tower at Arch Rock.  Lake Huron.
Lake Huron seen through Arch Rock.

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