Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back at Cedar Hill Park

I'm still hanging out in the Houston area.  I decided to do another three day stop at Cedar Hill Park near Wallisville, TX.

With access to Lake Charlotte. 
No review this visit because I already reviewed it here:  Cedar Hill Park Review .  One of the great things I love about this little park is that I, seemingly, am the only person to ever camp there.  Just like the first time last year once again I had the park as my own personal campground with the exception of an occasional day fisherman.

Being the only camper means you get the best site!
This visit I brought the kayak back out (actually I was just too lazy to take it back to the storage place where my other stuff is after the outing with Becky) but weather wasn't really conducive to kayaking so I never took it off the Tank's roof.

The kayak launch area was really muddy, so I passed.
As I mentioned in my review there aren't any electrical hookups at Cedar Hill Park but there is a group picnic pavilion with live 20 amp outlets if you needed to charge any electronics.  It was dark and stormy one of my days (weak solar) and I took my MiFi modem and the rest of my stuff that was on low power and surfed there on a picnic table for an hour or so and left with everything topped off.

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