Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beached Again

I'm still hanging on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Currently I'm back at the Brazoria County Free Beach near Surfside (I'm such a sucker for the seaside.)  No review this time because I already reviewed the beach here:  Brazoria Free Beach Review

The Tank's campsite by the Sea.

In driving down to the beach from Houston I heard on the radio that a Texas Representative is trying to introduce a bill that would allow localities along the Gulf shore to prohibit people from living on the beach.  It's weird but both times I've stayed at the Free Beach I've never seen anyone "living on the beach".  No trailers or RV's that look like they've been in place for more than a day or two.  Maybe the bill is targeting different Texas beaches but it would seem that this beach would be a prime candidate for "living on the beach" if that was a widespread problem...oh well.

Obligatory sunrise over the Gulf photo.

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