Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trail Head Park Montrose, CO

After fleeing the snow storm I stayed a night in Curecanti National Recreation Area just west of Gunnison where there's a RV loop with electric hookups.  I didn't do a campground review of the area because of my short stay and the fact that it was so cold (19 degrees in the morning) I didn't get out of the Tank long enough to do the area justice.  Traveling further west on Highway 50 I came to Montrose, CO which is a town of about 19,000 on the West Slope of Colorado and, more importantly, below 5000 feet of elevation so temperatures there were in the mid-70's.  The city of Montrose has a small park called Trail Head Park that allows RV'ers to stay overnight free one night every 14 days.  I took advantage of their hospitality and enjoyed hiking through Cerise Park which sprawls along the bank of the quick Uncomphagre River.  Uncomphagre is a Ute Indian word that roughly translates to "dirty water" although the river seemed pristine to me.

The sign warns that bear and mountain lion have been sighted in the park.
Trail Head Park is basically a parking lot with some trees and plants landscaped in but the overnight price is right!

Cerise Park has several miles of sidewalk/paths through it.
The town has several guide companies that outfit rafters and kayak enthusiasts for sampling the white water along the Uncomphagre.

Rapids right in Cerise Park.
More white water.
I enjoyed the park in Montrose and left the next morning for some BLM boondocking outside of Grand Junction after I restocked the Tank with food and water.

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