Thursday, November 7, 2013

October Catch Up

Let me catch you up with the last part of October and early November.  From Austin I traveled north to make a meet-up November 2 with three college buddies in East Lansing, MI.  All of us are Michigan State University Spartans and MSU had a huge football game vs. University of Michigan.  The short version of the rivalry is that Spartans really don't like the U of M.  I traveled to Michigan by way of Chicago, stopping off to see my brother Jerry and his family. 

From: Austin, TX To: Lake in the Hills, IL
This leg added 1145 miles to the Tank's odometer.
 So from the west suburbs of Chicago I went up to Midland, MI, my birthplace and home of my father, step-mother and brother Jim.  Jim was kind enough to put me up in his driveway for three days (yay electric space heater!)

From: Lake in the Hills, IL To: Midland, MI
350 more miles!

 After a nice visit with the family finally, on November 1 I traveled to my friend Steve's house in Okemos, MI (just outside East Lansing) to get situated for the next day's BIG game! Sitting through 5 hours of cold and rain was well worth seeing the result:  MSU 27, UM 6.  We went out to a great celebratory dinner in East Lansing afterward.  1600 miles of Tank travel and man was it worth it!

From: Midland, MI To: Okemos, Meridian Charter Township, MI 
Only 87 more miles.
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