Monday, October 28, 2013

Back to Texas

I was in Farmington, NM in the northwest corner of New Mexico planning on touring the parks in Utah when my daughter texted me that she had been diagnosed with gall stones and she was probably going to have her gall bladder removed.  I've never had gall stones but I've spoken to women who have had them and also given birth and they to a person said they'd much rather go through labor so it must be a pretty painful condition.  I canceled the Utah plans and headed to Dallas-Ft. Worth where my daughter lives by way of Amarillo - Oklahoma City.

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Two days later when I got to my daughter's apartment in Hurst, TX she decided to try to manage the gall stones through diet, so the operation was off.  I stayed with her for a few days and then decided, since I was in Texas I may as well visit my storage locker in Houston and drop off the kayak which was underutilized because of the cooling weather.  A little less wind resistance is a good thing for the Tank (and my wallet).

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Gas costs were considerable but the saving grace on this portion of my travels was that I didn't pay for a single overnight (Thanks Wally World!)  I wonder if in some past life I was a long haul truck driver?  After dropping off the kayak I learned that my camping buddy Becky, whom you were introduced to way earlier in the blog, had Columbus day off so we went camping in a Texas State Park up near Austin.

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I'll review the park we stayed at in a separate post.

Thanks for reading!

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